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Gimme the MIKE!

Tim Nagle

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Nickname: Senator Nagle

Occupation: Customer Service Agent at Coldwater Creek

I Am From: I live (with my wife) in my parents' basement in the ‘spare bedroom' that is right next to the downstairs bathroom. My parents' house is located in the Rathdrum prairie close to the grand city of Post Falls, Idaho. They recently had a house fire and that's why my wife and I reside with them.  We helped them move back into their home this last Thanksgiving.

High School /College:  I graduated in 1996 from Post Falls High School and then attended a Christian school in Chicago known as Moody Bible Institute. At Moody I earned my B.A. in Video Communications.  I also have two years of training at Chicago's famous Second City and Improv Olympic.  These two schools are where one learns the art of improvisational comedy.  I recommend them! 

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream:  Mmmm Cookie Dough!  Aaarrgcchhch! **slobbering**

Worst first date:  I took a date to a terrific BBQ rib joint located in Chicago!  It was a mess...literally! 

Favorite Bad Song: Bad to the bone...bbb bad!/George Thorogood & The Destroyers

The Song That Always Gets Stuck in My Head:  Paperback Writer by the Beatles

Where Someone Would Most Likely Catch Me Singing:  My parents' basement where I write my radio hits! 

Movie Line That I Can't Stop Repeating:  "Go make yourself some dang quesadillas!"

Motto For Life:  Future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

Pet: If I had a pet dog it's name would be ‘Buckley.'  (named after the great Jeff Buckley)

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing: My sophomore year in high school I sang, "If I Were A Rich Man!"  The audience watching gave me a standing ovation.  I've been addicted to performing in front of people ever since.  I need help.  Seriously...I...I need help!

Superstitions, Rituals, or Good Luck Charms:  Knock on wood, aviators, and an apple before a performance.

Finish the sentence:  Voters should Gimme the Mike because I have great hair!

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