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Gimme the MIKE!

Tom Haynes

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Nickname:  Tom

Occupation:  Self-Employed Electrician

I Am From: I was born in Pasedena, CA.and now live in Medical Lake, WA

High School /College:  Medical Lake High School

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Orange Sherbert

Worst First Date:  Was at a drive in movie.

Favorite Bad Song:  Achy Breaky Heart/Billy Ray Cyrus

The Song That Always Gets Stuck In My Head:   Take This Job & Shove It

Where Someone Would Most Likely Catch Me Singing:  VFW 3386 in Airway Heights & the shower.

The Movie Line I Can't Stop Repeating: "I might not be a smart man, but I know what love is." (Forrest Gump)

Motto For Life:   Work hard

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing:  My wife and I were at Jakes Tavern in Medical Lake about 15 years ago and without my knowledge she put a song in for me to sing.  It was after that, I knew I enjoyed and wanted to keep singing.

Superstitions, Rituals, or Good Luck Charms:  My wedding ring

Finish The Sentence:  Voters should Gimme Me the Mike because I am not getting any younger!

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