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Gimme the MIKE!

Susan Galbraith

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Nickname:  "Suze" or "Danger"

Occupation: Student at Washington State University-Go Cougs!

I Am From: Bothell, WA.

High School /College:  Juanita High School/WSU

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Phish Food (Ben and Jerry's)

Worst First Date: One time I didn't know it was a date until at the end, the guy said,"great date." And that's when it got awkward.

Favorite Bad Song: "Here I go Again" by Whitesnake

The Song That Always Gets Stuck In My Head: "Hips don't Lie," by Shakira and I hate that song so it's that much more annoying.

Where Someone Would Most Likely Catch Me Singing: The shower. It's where I practice and the acoustics are phenomenal.

Movie Line That I Can't Stop Repeating: "Just Livin' the Dream" (Will Farrell in Wedding Crashers. He's a comedic genius. )

Motto For Life: Work hard, play hard, and drink as much coffee as possible.

Pet:  A goldfish named Slim Shady

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing:  I've been singing for so long, I've always known it's what I wanted to do. I used to force my family to watch me perform since I was two. And when I got older, I forced other families to watch me since mine wouldn't do it anymore.

Superstitions, Rituals, or Good Luck Charms: I don't have many superstitions or good luck charms. I don't really get nervous because it's so fun for me. I do usually try to go for a run before I perform. It warms up my lungs and gets out any nerves. The one thing I always do prior to a performance is pray.

Finish The Sentence:   Voters should Gimme the Mike because I've had so many great people support me throughout my life and in music. Doing the best that I can is my way to thank them and winning Gimme The Mike would be that much more meaningful. Singing is my passion and escape. To win a competition like this would be such a huge blessing and accomplishment that I would always cherish.

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