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Gimme the MIKE!

Amber Copeland

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Nickname:  Ber or One-eye Current

Occupation:  Human being, mother, and woman (And when you do it right that's a full plate)

I Am From: Bonners Ferry, ID  I would be more specific but if you've been there specifics aren't necessary 

High School /College:  Bonners Ferry High School, NIC, and Headmaster's  Truth be told college didn't work for me because I don't do well when I'm pretending to be anything, I'm a musician....period

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Any flavor that's full of calories and sugar....yes please!!!!

Worst First Date:   Ew..icky question...I'd rather not relive those times and, trust, neither would you.

Favorite Bad Song:  My Perogative.....the Britney version.  There I said it, you happy? J  

The Song That Always Gets Stuck In My Head:  I'm a weirdo so the songs that get stuck in my head are always commercial jingles or tv theme songs.  Like right now it's......Flinstones, meet the flinstones they're a yabba dabba doo family......yeah I know I watch too much tv but who doesn't? Where would someone most likely catch you singing?  ANYWHERE there's karaoke, a microphone or a willing....sometimes unwilling audience. Movie line that you can't stop yourself from repeating:  "It's funny because it's true"...don't know what it's from, but it stuck with me.

Motto for Life:  Don't let a puddle become a lake, don't make a stone into a mountain, know who you are and be it....the end.

Pet:  I'm allergic to extra responsibilities so I passed on the pet situation.

The First Time I Knew I Wanted To Sing: Well it all started in the womb, but no seriously I knew that I wanted to sing as soon I felt the feelings I feel when I sing.  I knew from an early age that I am a singer, I am a writer, and I have a voice with stuff to say and it's changes people's lives!!  I want to be a part of that. What are your superstitions, rituals, or good luck charms?  I believe that we are all fated to live certain lives and so to expend energy on superstition is futile.  Instead I try to trust that there is a plan for me and it is bigger and more amazing than anything I could ever imagine,  the only charm I need is a smile and some faith.

Finish The Sentence: Voters should Gimme the MIKE because....  Here's the truth if ya like it vote for it if you don't that's fine.  I want the best person to win and if it isn't me that's okay.  I would like to win but hey who likes to....uh....not win.  So do what you do and do it well.  Thank you for your consideration.    

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