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SOUND OFF: Tell us what you think about proposed concert cuts

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Here is your chance to sound off - to let the community know how you feel about Spokane Public School's proposal to cut funding to the All-City Band and Strings Spectacular held every year at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena.

Below are what some people have already said:

"I think the proposed budget cuts are deplorable. While I understand the need to stay within financial restraints, the kids of the public  schools are our future leads and politicians who will make all the informed choices for our community. Bringing up kids who are well rounded and interested in a variety of academic and non-academic subjects will make for much better future decision makers. School is about so much more than books and it's about time that we start to recognize that sports are not the only alternative subject we can support the kids in at school." (Kathleen)


Cutting funds for the limited band and strings program in our district is so short sighted. ometimes the only exposure a child has to the arts is in school. Music and art use a part of the brain that other disciplines don't. It opens new horizons to students and touches the soul.

The current program is limited as it is. It is considered an elective and some children just can't fit it in their schedule. Studies show that children that are involved in programs at school have a better chance to stay on track. Not all children can be in sports or in clubs. Band and strings allow children to express themselves, belong to a group, commit to something and give them a skill that they can carry with them long after school. To cut this program which is so limited now, would be shameful." (Karen)

I'd much rather see band and strings cut, than to cut an academic class... (Chad)

I found this article to be very enlightning. I am glad that the people will be able to have their concert, and that the people were all knid enough to help raise the money for the cause, but should we not be trying to raise money for other things like a cure for cancer? I think so, but then again that is just my opinion. (rayvenshadow)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to KHQ and others who have saved the concert this year. I have a 6th grader who was so disappointed when they cancelled it. She was very excited to come home and tell me we'd be going again this year! Thanks :O) (Barbara)

has anyone heard life imitates art. and isn't music a great thing ? this world needs more music. save the kids and maybe everything else ! (Brad)

Dave Weatherred was able toreach out to my daughter when she was at Ferris High School through band. If it wasn't for him I don't know if she would have made it through high school. Dave taught her the love of music that she stills carries with her today. He also taught her to like herself through the disipline of perfecting her music skills. I can never thank the district 81 music departments enough for helping me to teach my daughter to like herself. (Bobbie)

Where is the money going for our childrens schools? Spokane is growing new homes, appartments. What about the lottery-was'nt that for our schools too? Mis-management of our schools money, has gone to far. How much does the district supers want now? We use our children for so many laws and "We're hurrting our Children" Who's cutting this funding explain a little clearer for most of us I would say are totally misundrestanding all these cuts and from who. People please stand up for our children and show the districts and government we arenot going to sit and watch anymore. (Barbara)

I think it is great that you want to raise money to save the band concert, but I find it absurd that the closing of Pratt Elementary gets all of a 30 second news clip while the first 15 minutes of the 6:00 news has been nothing but the band concert and weather. (Rob)

I think it is a tragedy. I took every allowable music class when I was in junior high and high school. Though I never became a professional musician I still apply myriad skills that I learned from band and choir. Some of my fondest memories are of performing at events just like the "spectacular". Without music in school, I NEVER would have graduated. I also know that having performed at similar events gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment... which later became confidence. Music can be a powerful tool for educators to connect with students and help motivate them in academics. Every child learns a little differntly so having non academic activities like sports and music in which skills like teamwork, concentration, detirmination ect, can be reapplied to academics. (Anthony)

I really don't think that the bands and the strings should be cut. It makes the kids more rounded people. I was in the concert as a child I have been playing the violin for 15 yrs now. I will do anything to help save the concert and the programs for the kids. (Margie)

I think it's a big mistake. I played violin from the age of 9 to12 and it was great. Music is proven to be a relaxant, a calming influence and a lesson in concentration. Kids today need all of the above. Good luck to the All-City Band and Strings Spectacular. Help them out Spokane. (Debbi)

I was once a part of the all city choir which isnt the same yet it is and I believe that they should never cut any of the performing arts programs. Those programs were what gave me a desire to continue to go to school and although they arent academic they help the mind grow in so many different ways. I feel those that believe we should cut these programs either dont have children that enjoy these activites or they never had the desire to use them. Not everything should be focused on academics because not every child is geared to learning the same. The city complains that there are too many juvenile deliquents yet they want to keep cutting the programs that can keep them off the streets and give them something positive to look forward to. Maybe the councils that are proposing these things should understand that money for their pockets isnt worth the happiness of the young students. (Dre)

I think it's a good idea to cut the concert. My kids were in it a few years ago when they were in 5th grade, and they (and I) all thought it was a waste of time and money. It wasn't instruction time, just a time to play with others, and way too much time and trouble for the little bit of playing time. (Linda)

I think that if I were not in band I would have turned out to be a completely different person and well as for the All-city concert I met some of the best friends I could ever have in the two years that I was in it signed, A Flutest

I think $12,000 for a concert is rediculous. Each school should host their own concert as all other districts in this area do. I am also concerned that after members of the community give money to sponsor this, where is the monies above $12,000 going? Will this be an ongoing cry to the community of Spokane? (Lisa)

Please stop the relentless flag asking for money to support some band effort. It is distracting to normal television programming and annoying. Which executive who works for Q6 has the child in band? It must be one who carries some hefty clout. Would I expect my child's track program to receive such attention for free? Certainly not and yet his track program funding has been drastically cut by school district 81. As much as my family enjoys Q6 programs, please do not tempt me any longer to switch networks because of 'someone's' blatantly obvious prejudice and irresponsible use of public airwaves to achieve private funding. I do not show up at your studio with my beggar bag, please do not invade my living room with yours! (J)

It's totally wrong. There is so much mony wasted on other program that could be cut and in some case's not even missed. I lived in Olympia we got free concert's from the military. The Cold Stream Guard and our Air Force bands gave free concerts. In 2005 before I moved from Portland OR. The Marine Band gave a concert for free but I wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket. I saw free concerts in Colorado given by the Air Force also. Spokane should not only support the Public School concerts but they should also bring in the military bands for free concerts. They would be amazied at the performance given by them They are some of the best musician's around. (Lee)

It's unfortunate but extracurricular's should be cut in order to provide the highest level of core curriculum. I don't necessarily agree that band or strings should be the first to be cut though. What is really sad is our state has a $2 billion surplus and the Governor purports to be an "Education Governor"...kind of hard to believe. (Rick)

It is sad, indeed, that the arts suffer in favor of academics. One is not more important than the other, but rather they go hand-in-hand. Our children need education in both to become well-rounded individuals. Do we want them to become one dimensional beings who can perform math calculations but have no depth or creativity? My children participated in this event when they were in elementary school. They enjoyed the experience, as much as we enjoyed attending the concert. I firmly believe their participation in the music program has enhanced their learning abilities, and enabled them to become the academically successful students they are today. (Sandy)

Kudos to KHQ for getting behind the youth concert! The arts really  take back stage to sports more and more as programs are being cut all  the time. With the emphasis in schools being on football, basketball, etc. the arts tend to be at the bottom of the list. My daughter is on music and academic scholarships at U of I in Moscow due in large part  to the youth music programs here in Cda.  Thanks again for highlighting the importance of music for the youth of  the area!! (Kathy)

Every single year, the school system needs more money... EVERY YEAR. How about we keep some of the great music programs that actually help kids and toss the sex ed and diversity programs. (Kenneth)

When there is a money crunch, libraries and the arts are always the first to go. It's in times like these when we need MORE access to information and creativity.I learned to play violin back in the 1960s while a student at Regal Elementary. I went to summer school before fifth grade to learn the cello. For a few years, I took the bus on Saturdays and trudged down Division Street, carrying my cello so I could attend All City Orchestra. I have a young daughter who started violin, then cello, through Central Valley SD. While I am grateful they offer such a program, it is nothing like what I experienced growing up in SD#81. I hope my small contribution helps! (Karin)