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New wedding news for April

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Welcome to April and the countdown to planning your perfect wedding.  I hope, so far, the process has been an enjoyable one.  In this newsletter, I have included a month-by-month wedding countdown so everything is perfect for your wedding day.

I also want to make you aware of brand new items on our Plan Your Wedding web channel.  We visited with make-up artist, Julie Farley. She spends her days transforming brides from pretty to positively beautiful.  Click here to see step-by-step how she created gorgeous eyes, foundation, lips, cheeks, brows and lashes. 

If you want to learn more about the make-up studio or visit with our other experts about dresses, accessories, accommodations, catering, florists, honeymoon travel, just go to

Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks about how to prepare a guest list, and ettiquette for having children at the wedding.

In the meantime, if you have questions for me, or the wedding team, email us a quick note. We'll get right back to you.                                                                                                                               



  • Talk to your fiance and all parents about the big picture -starting with the wedding budget, style and size of the wedding, possible dates, and sites.  Whether, you will be hiring a wedding planner, do it now - you'll want to her on board to help with research.
  • Decide on the ceremony and reception sites - reserve them both.
  • Start shopping for your dress - when ordering your dress remember it will take about 6 to 8 months to come in.
  • Choose your attendants - wait at least a couple of weeks after the proposal - it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and you want to make sure the people you are asking are the people you want to stand up with you.
  • Mail save-the-date cards - or notify must-have guests such as: close family member and friends by phone; especially if you are planning marrying over a holiday weekend or in a faraway location.
  • Send your engagement announcement - to local newspapers where both families live.


  • Start scouting for a caterer, baker, florist, musician or disc jockey, photographer and videographer for both the ceremony and reception
  • Visit your clery-member - some religions require that you undergo premarital counseling.


  • Book your caterer, baker, florist, musician or disc jockey, photographer and videographer
  • Choose and order your dress
  • Register for your presents
  • Begin your guest list  


  • Start researching the honeymoon
  • Plan the details with all the wedding professionals
  • Finalize the guest list
  • Order all wedding stationary - invitations, response cards, maps, announcements, programs, and thank you notes
  • Book a calligrapher
  • Shop for the bridesmaids' dresses
  • Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
  • Secure rentals


  • Finalize your honeymoon plans and make bookings
  • Make an appointment for your first dress fitting
  • Order the wedding rings
  • Make an appointment with your hairstylist
  • Schedule the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Visit the tuxedo shop in the town where you'll be marrying
  • Book a hotel room for the wedding night
  • Choose and order favors


  • Visit your officiant, judge or justice of the peace
  • Buy a guest book
  • Shop for lingerie and honeymoon clothes
  • Have your portrait taken - if you are getting your makeup and hair done professionally this is a great trial run.
  • Check to see if the state that you are marrying requires blood tests
  • Mail your invitations
  • Choose gifts for all attendants
  • Arrange to transport your belonging - if either of you are moving.
  • Get name - change forms


  • Schedule the final dress fitting
  • Pick up rings
  • Get programs printed
  • Plan your bridesmaids' party
  • Write thank you notes as you receive your gifts
  • Send your announcement to the newspaper
  • Make copies of ceremony readings
  • Buy each other a wedding gift


  • Get marriage license
  • Submit list of must - take shots
  • Arrange the seating plan
  • Confirm honeymoon reservations
  • Break in your shoes
  • Write toast for the rehearsal dinner and reception


  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • Check about using your ATM card - at your honeymoon site.  If traveling abroad, purchase a small amount of the local currency.
  • Give the final guest count to your caterer
  • Check final details with the wedding vendors
  • Keep up with the thank you notes
  • Remind all attendants of the rehearsal details
  • Through the bridesmaids' party
  • Pick up your dress a few days before the wedding - put a sheet on the floor to protect it from dust, and hang it from a tall hook or a door in a room that is off limits to children and pets,


  • Treat yourself and your mom to a manicure and pedicure
  • Place a reminder call to the wedding vendors
  • Hold the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
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