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How can I see myself cross the finish line?

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After the race is over and the streets are clear, Bloomies can experience the race all over again by watching themselves cross the finish line all over again.

KHQ Right Now will post video recorded through a camera at the finish line showing racers cross the finish line.  The finish times will be clearly visible at the top of the screen.  Racers need only to watch the clip containing their individual time.  Clips will be clearly posted on this page, as well as on the Bloomsday main page.

For example, if I finished with a time of 1:10:00, I would click on the clip labeled 1:00:00-1:15:00 and forward the clip to my finish time.

Clips of runners crossing the finish line will be kept on for several days after Bloomsday so racers, their friends and family, and others can watch them over and over again as many times as they'd like.

Congratulations Bloomies!!!