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Diabetes: How sweet it isn't

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We know that high sugar levels cause many problems including eye, kidney, nerve, feet, dental and sexual ones.  

Diabetes is MUCH more than just having high blood sugars.  About 70 % of diabetes patients die of heart disease.  Thus it is important for you as a patient with diabetes to make sure that you are also treated for prevention of heart and blood vessel problems.  

The best way to do this is to make sure that your blood fats are near normal.  Get your HDL(good) cholesterol above 45, your LDL(bad) cholesterol below 70 and your triglycerides in a normal range (shoot for <100 mg/dL).  

Blood pressure (BP) is also an important area to target.  If BP is high it is just as damaging to you as high blood sugars.  BP targets are a systolic BP below 130 and diastolic below 80 mm Hg.  Another treatment step is to take an aspirin daily since diabetes patients can also have increased blood coagulation problems.  

Taking charge of your diabetes, blood pressure, blood lipids and taking an aspirin can make a huge difference in your life.  Just do it. 

*Note about the author:  R. Keith Campbell, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy, WSU College of Pharmacy. He has had diabetes for almost 58 years and used the insulin pump for over 28 years