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Alternative Treatments for Diabetes

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I have had the opportunity on several occasions to research the literature about alternative or natural treatments for diabetes and then write articles about the topic.  Each time I have found that there are many often outrageous claims made for numerous products related to a positive impact on diabetes. 

The SAD fact is that there are no over-the-counter or alternative or natural products that have any significant effect on diabetes and managing blood sugars.  You heard it here first.  The problem is that all of us want to find a simple way to feel better and manage our diabetes.

Billions of dollars are wasted each year by patients buying products that make outrageous claims and provide false hope.  Because something is "natural" does not mean it is safe or effective or better.  The sun is natural and it can cause sun burns and even skin cancer.  Water is natural but one can drown in it. 

The best way to get your blood glucose levels to normal is to see your physician often, get educated about your diabetes, manage your diet, exercise and make sure you take the prescribed medications that have been proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE in lowering blood sugars.  

Take charge of your diabetes, you will feel better and be glad you did.   

*Note about the author:  R. Keith Campbell, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy, WSU College of Pharmacy. He has had diabetes for almost 58 years and used the insulin pump for over 28 years