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Recording of 911 call reporting shooting in Moscow

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MOSCOW, Idaho - A recording of one of the first 911 phone calls taken by dispatchers during the Moscow shootings incident has been released. Listen as the caller pleads for help to arrive as semi-automatic gunfire sounds in the background.

Listen to 911 call (.WAV 1.12 MB)


Dispatcher: 911, Location of your emergency?

Caller: Oh my God, somebody's shooting at the Sheriff's Department.

Dispatcher: At the Sheriff's Department building?
Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher: In Latah County?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher: And do you see the person?

Caller: Yes. I'm right across the street.

Caller: Will you please get the cops here right now? Somebody's shooting all around.

(inaudible) (sound of gunfire) Oh my God, He's still shooting. (sound of gunfire).

Dispatcher: Okay, but I've got somebody on the way there, but I need to know, what does he look like?
Caller: I don't know, I can't see, it's really dark. He's in the parking lot, he's shooting (sound of gunfire) Oh my God (sound of gunfire) Oh my God. Will you please hurry? Oh my God.

Dispatcher: Do you know where it's coming from exactly?

Caller: (sound of gunfire) There's just somebody walking around in the parking lot (multiple shots) He's just walking around shooting (sound of gunfire). And I'm right across the street and I don't want him to come to my house.

Dispatcher: I know, we got a whole bunch of people on the way there. I have to let you go though because we have multiple 911s though, okay?

Caller: Okay, okay, bye.