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Background: Community Health Systems

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Community Health Systems is based in Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.  The company bills itself as one of the "nation's leading operators of general acute care hospitals in non-urban communities", focusing generally on smaller cities with populations between 20,000 and 400,000.

The company owns, leases or operates 80 facilities in 23 states from California to Florida.  According to its website, CHS-affiliated hospitals are the sole provider of health care in more than 85 percent of markets in which it serves.

Community Health Systems Profile
Franklin, TN
2006 Revenues: $4.4 billion
2006 EPS: $1.78 from continuing operations
Hospitals/Facilities: 80 in 23 states

CHS believes many community hospitals suffer "from a lack of capital and have a difficult time recruiting physicians".  It also works off the assumption that smaller communities have a more difficult time retaining top-quality managers, so it aims to use its management system to fill in the gaps where they exsit.