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Questions most often asked about Care Management

What are Care Managers?
Elder care or "geriatric care management" assist elders and their families in figuring out appropriate living arrangments and managing day-to-day and long-term support services. 

What do Care Managers provide?
Care managers provide problem assessments, crisis intervention, family conflict mediation, arranging financial, legal, and medical services, evaluating housing options, arranging homemaker services, and transportation.

What credentials do care managers hold?
Credentials range from bachelor degrees to doctorates in various areas.  Most are from social work, psychology, and nursing. 

What services are available?
Determine what your family needs and be sure to ask if the care manager is qualified to address those needs.  Not all geriatric managers handle all situations.  Ask about their willingness to refer people to other resources when they don't have a particular expertise you need.