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Questions most often asked about Real Estate & Relocation

Moving is considered one of the three major stressors in life.  That stress level is often heightened when a senior citizen is involved.  When you consider that many seniors have lived in their homes for decades, asking them to now move, and part with some of their possessions can be a traumatic event.

Here are some things you will want to consider if and when the time comes for a loved one to leave their home.

When to call a moving service?
Moving services are often called when a senior is overwhelmed with the process of relocating and downsizing their home.

What are the considerations for downsizing?
What the person will want to keep and move into his/her new place.  Second, what does the person want to give to family and friends.  Third, what does the person want to try to sell.  Lastly,  what needs to be donated.

What are the best steps to make it a successful move?

  • Work to duplicate the layout of the former home.  The aging process and memory loss make the need to have things familiar that much more important.
  • Consider moving the elder out of the home before you start to give or sell items from the house.  That will limit the disruption.
  • Wait a couple days after the elder is moved into the new location before the process of removing possessions begins. That allows the elder to decide he/she wants something that wasn't orginally moved or decides something that was moved to the new location is no longer wanted.
  • If things are being given to family who live a distance, make sure you find a company that will securely pack the items for shipping. Your moving company can often suggest reputable packing and shipping companies.

What should be expected from a senior moving/relocation company?

  • Moving companies can offer many services
  • Most moving companies will come pack one day and finish the move the next day.
  • See if the moving company will unpack and duplicate the set up items in the new place (you want your elderly loved one to be able to sleep in their own bed and not be displaced any more than necessary).
  • Some senior moving companies will return to the former home and make sure it is swept up and realtor ready.