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Types of Respite Care available

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Here are five common types of Respite Care available:

1. In-Home Respite Care:

  • Companion services - Help with supervision, recreational activities
  • Personal care services - Help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and exercise
  • Homemaker services - Help with housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Skilled care services - Help with some medical services and care

2. Adult Day Care:

  • Provides care outside the home
  • Participants may interact with others while part of a structured environment
  • Activities can include music, recreation, support groups
  • Staffing varies - be sure to ask if they provide medical assistance

3. Informal Respite Care:

  • Family, friend, or volunteer steps in to allow caregiver a break or time to do errands or chores
  • Put together a schedule on when those people can be available to help to allow a periodic break for caregiver

4. Residential Respite Care:

  • Provides care overnight, for a few days or few weeks.
  • Allows caregivers to take an extended break or vacation
  • Make reservations in advance to make sure a room is available.

*Note if you have an elder who is dealing with dementia it might be difficult for them to adjust to a new environment. Regular stays can make the process easier -- and the staff more knowledgable about the individual.

5. Respite Care for emergency situations:

  • Find a facility, in advance, to offer support if an emergency arises for the caregiver (i.e. unexpected trip, accident, medical issue)
  • After locating the facility, try it out in a non-emergency situation to make sure it works.
  • Identify family, friends, volunteers and keep a list of numbers and when they may be available to help if an emergency arises.

Some of the information contained in the section is supplied from Respite Care Guide