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North Star league information

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Kootenai High School Warriors

Location: 13030 East O' Gara Road in Harrison, ID in the waterways of the Kootenai and Benewah counties.

Enrollment: 259 students attend Kootenai High School.

Details: Kootenai High School district covers 181.5 square miles and surrounded by the Couer d' Alene Lake, the St. Joe River, and Couer d' Alene River.

Fall Coaches:

Volleyball: Jeff Green

Football: Doug Napierala

Mullan Junior/Senior High School Tigers

Location: 325 Park Ave. in Mullan, ID Shoshone County.

Enrollment: Around 76 students attend Mullan High School grades 7-12.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Corey Miller

Volleyball: Dawn McKinnon

Wallace Junior/Senior High School Miners

Location: 401 River Street in Wallace, ID.

Enrollment: 290 students attend Wallace High School grades 7-12.

Fall Coaches:

Football: David Rounds

Volleyball: Corki Mattila

Clark Fork Junior/Senior High School Wampus Cats

Location: 121 East Fourth Ave. in Clark Fork, Bonner County, ID on Highway 200 ten miles west of the Montana border.

Enrollment: Around 140 students attend Clark Fork High School.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Brian Arthun

Volleyball: Lisa Allen

Lakeside High School Knights

Location: 1150 East Street in Plummer, ID on the Couer d' Alene Indian Reservation in Benewah County.

Enrollment: Approximently 143 students attend Lakeside.

Details: Lakeside was known as Plummer High School until 1990 when the Western Benewah School District combined with the Worley School District to form the Plummer/Worley Joint School District. In 2004, the IHSAA created two divsions in the 1A Eight-Man conference for football. Any school with more than 100 students was considered Big School. Lakeside and Wallace broke off from the rest of the North Star league to form the 1A Eight-Man Big School Division of the North Star league. Lakeside competes for one of two spots the state gives to the North Star Conference, one for Big Schools and one for Small Schools.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Ronald Miller

Volleyball: Brad Veile