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Border Patrol Recruitment Guide

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Border Patrol Recruitment Guide

U.S. Citizen
Under 40 years of age
Pass a fitness Test
Medical and drug screening
Pass a background investigation
NO Domestic Violence convictions

Superior Academic Achievement (SAA)
GPA of 3.0 or higher or
Rank top 1/3 at graduation or
National Honor Society Inductee

Medical Requirements
Binocular vision (corrected 20/20 or uncorrected 20/100)
Hearing loss must NOT exceed 30 decibels
Use of any hearing aid is unacceptable

Hiring Process
Apply on internet mailto:ProtectUS@DHS.Gov
Written exam
Tentative selection letter
Oral hiring board
Drug screening
Physical fitness test
Push-ups 20 in 60 seconds
Sit-ups 25 in 60 seconds
Step test 30 per minute for 5 minutes
Medical examination
background investigation
Academy reporting data

Uniform Allowance
Excellent salary plus:
Night differential - 10%
Sunday 25%
Federal retirement programs
Life insurance plans
Health care benefits
Annual leave accruement
1-3 years = 13 days/yr
3-15 years = 20 days/yr
15 plus = 26 days/yr

Military Experience
Honorable discharge
Provide DD214
Buy back time at 3%
Alotted 15 days military leave for reservists