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Greenwood Memorial Terrace

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Greenwood Memorial Terrace was originally formed as Greenwood Cemetery Association on May 23, 1888.  Those familiar with the history of Spokane will recall that A.M. Cannon and his partner J.J. Browne purchased half of (what was then known as Spokan Falls) from James Glover.  These men were instrumental in the birth of Spokane and were also instrumental in the birth of Greenwood.  A.M. Cannon was the main incorporator and operator of Greenwood Cemetery Association.  (Greenwood's name was changed to Greenwood Memorial Terrace around 1962).

Greenwood was originally watered by a spring cascading down from the rim rock located on its second level.  That waterfall still exists today and can be seen throughout the spring and early summer months.  We now water Greenwood and Riverside cemeteries from our own system of wells and reservoirs.

Some of the pioneer's resting at Greenwood include:  A.M. Cannon, James Glover, Amasa Campbell, Reverend H.T. Cowley, The Cowles Family, Jimmie Dirken, Chief Spokane Garry, Eugene Enloe, Civil War Veteran Daniel Oliver and many more.

The Spanish American War cannon on the first level is one of only three brought back to the U.S. from the Philippines after the war.   Click here to see the cannon.

To enjoy the history walk of the grounds click here.

For more information:  509-326-3800