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Woodlawn Cemetery

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Woodlawn Cemetery was formed in 1888 by the Methodist Church and was known as Englewood Cemetery.  The name was eventually changed to Englewood-Woodlawn. 

This two-acre property was abandoned by the church and eventually came under the control of Spokane County.  It sat as a derelict for many years until July 2000 when Edgecliff SCOPE volunteers convinced the county to deed the property to Fairmount Memorial Association with the promise that Fairmount would turn it into a viable cemetery operation. 

Since gaining control of the cemetery, we have changed the name to Woodlawn, installed an irrigation system, lawns and a garden.  We have completed the first phase of an ongoing columbarium development program.


For more information:  509-326-3800
email information@fairmountmemorial.com