Stormy conditions affect traffic, power, and schools - Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather

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Stormy conditions affect traffic, power, and schools

SPOKANE - The stormy conditions have affected traffic in the area. Right now there are area schools closed, power outtages reported, and two different traffic collisions.

According to WSP one of the collisions is at Highway 2 at Deer Park and Milan.

The other collision is at highway 2 at milepost 320 in Pend Orielle county. You can

There are also reports of power outtages, and according to Avista, more than 2300 customers are out of power on the South Hill. A power transformer blew live on KHQ air.

Schools in the area have also been affected by the storms. For a full list of school closures click here.

Stay with KHQ Local News today for updates and check back on our website for updates on all the stormy weather conditions.