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How does the Mitchell Report affect your opinion and/or enjoyment of Major League Baseball?

Sen. George Mitchell unveiled the findings of his 20-month long investigation into the use of steroids in baseball. How do the findings affect the way you feel about the League? 

Are you less of a fan now?  Or do the findings even matter?  Take a moment and let us - and everyone else know what you think.

Your Comments:

I have been a baseball fan all of my life. (My father was listening to a ball game when I was born!) This report simply solidifies an evolving opinion of all pro sports: Integrity and decent human behavior have slowly been replaced by deceit, a quest for personal glory, and vulgar, rude behavior. Baseball is not alone. Look at football, basketball, track and field. Yet, I also feel that what is happening in the sports field is simply a reflection of what is happening in our society.

Karen, Veradale

Steroid use has not always been considered to be not-PC. I think many of these people used them because it was acceptable, and not considered cheating. I'm sure to many it was the same as taking protein supplements to build muscle. Because the rules of usage change I don't think the people that used them when it was PC should now be punished. It is ludicrous for a few to change the rules then say that the other person is at fault. It makes the people who are changing the rules look foolish and petty.

Kathy, Spokane

I am sick sick sick of the witchhunt that is has become the steroid investigation in MLB. I live and breathe Major league baseball (Only 140 days until opening day!). Keeping Bonds, Tejada, Pettite, THE ROCKET out of the hall of fame is a travesty. Neifi Perez was suspended for 80- games last year for testing positive (twice) for a banned stimulant. Perez was batting .174 with 1 homer with 64 at bats. So a lot of good that stimulant did him huh? My point (well, my points) are…You still have to be an exceptional talent to achieve the level of success that these extraordinary players have achieved. Also, PLEASE remember it's not like these guys were sat down and said "OK here are your options…be Extraordinary or Superman and take these illegal performance enhancing drugs, it may cost you a well deserved trip to the Hall of fame". To begin to respond this problem the responsibility needs to lie on the trainers and the owners (U listening Dubya?) and the MLB. I would bet 75% of the people who made the drugs accessable and available were employed by the MLB. This is a holistic problem for which holistic responsibility should be shared and equal blame distributed.The players have become whipping boys taking all the fall for what in an institutionalized implication in baseball. Babe Ruth was an helped him relax, therefore enhancing his performance…last I heard his plaques weren't coming down from Cooperstown an time soon.

-Lisa Booth

If they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and they new what they were doing was wrong. I do not believe they should be rewarded for negitive behavoir. There for they should not be in the record books. Whats the differance between what Pete Rose did and Berry Bonds?

-Wes Schelin
Spokane, WA

I am 54 yrs old and have been playing and following baseball since 1958. Athletes have been using something to get an edge, advantage, a pick me up (after a rough night) hair of the dog for as long as there has been baseball. Our society has evolved to such levels that we have a something for anything that affects you now from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrom) ED ( Four Hour Erections ?!) It is what it is, the public takes a pill for everything under the sun but if a professional athlete works out year round (unheard of in the 50's) takes a suppliment that helps him heal faster after he dove head first into an outfield wall so he can play the next day and help his team. We should not be judgemental of these athletes without cleaning up our own medicine cabinets first.

-Mike Downs
Spokane, WA

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