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Caregiver Support Groups

Finding a Support Group

Identifying Issues:
One of the most stressful parts of being a caregiver, can be the isolation that you feel.  There are many ways to find support from professionals and people, just like you,  who are in the same situation.  In some cases you can be a part of a support group without even leaving your home.

How a Support Group can Help:   Sense of Connection!

  • Chance to share thoughts, ideas, and suggestions
  • Learn from others in a similar situation
  • A safe place, to honestly share your feelings, without having to put up a brave front for other family.

Ready to Find a Support Group?

  • Clickable Washington State Map that allows you to find resources in your community including Family Caregiver Support Program which supports unpaid caregivers of older adults . The services are free or low cost.

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