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Riot breaks out at Miami School

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MIAMI, Flor.- Miami police say a massive fight at Miami Edison high school is now under control, after what preliminary reports are calling a "riot" broke out shortly after 11 a.m. Friday. More than a dozen students have been taken into custody. Parts of I-95 were closed near the school to allow for a massive police response.

Reports from the scene showed dozens of police cars outside the school, which is located at 6161 5th court in Miami.

Officers in riot helmets could be seen outside the school, as police officers arrived in response to calls for police assistance.

Miami police spokesman Delrish Moss said his department received a call for emergency backup from the Miami-Dade school police.

Miami-Dade County schools have their own police force which patrols the schools, but can call in officers from other departments when serious problems occur.

Moss said 'several' arrests were made, and a small number of police officers received minor injuries in what was described as a large scale disturbance.

"Every contingency is being taken so nobody else gets hurt," Moss said.

One student told reporters that the fight started after students staged a protest Friday morning against a teacher at the high school who allegedly placed a student in a choke-hold Thursday.

The student said police were called to the school to respond to the protest, and when students objected a scuffle broke out, escalating quickly into an all out fight between students and officers.

The high school has been placed on lockdown, which means students are being held in their classrooms and no student will be allowed to leave.

A staging area has been set up for parents who want to pick up students from school, located at 62nd street and 3rd avenue NW, when students are allowed to leave. Parents will be allowed only in that area due to the police presence.