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Reaves Review: Another movie filming in Spokane

March 17, 2008

Stargazing in Spokane

If you went to the the St. Patrick's day parade in downtown Spokane this last Saturday you might have seen a little bit of what looked like Hollywood right here in the Lilac City.  North by Northwest productions was using the parade as a backdrop for a scene in another feature film shooting around town.

I was walking down Spokane Falls blvd. with my family, enjoying the parade when I saw a camera on a dolly in the park shooting out towards Boo Radley's.  I said to my wife, "Oh they're shooting that movie here, Do you see Christian Slater anywhere?", to which she replied, "Isn't that him standing right behind you?", and indeed it was.

They weren't rolling the camera at the time so I walked over and introduced myself to him and told him I had been talking to North by Northwest about a possible interview with him.  He was really nice and shook my hand.  Unfortunately, I guess the interview is not going to happen, because he's to busy with the movie.  I'll try to get more details on the movie and what it's all about, and post them later. 

Stay tuned,