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Reaves Review: Monk is Coming to NBC

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Friday April 4, 2008

Monk's coming to NBC: My interview with Tony Shalhoub

The effect of the 100 day SAG writer's strike is still being felt throughout TV land.  Just now some shows like The Office and 30 Rock are now returning from a lengthy absence.  Other shows like Heroes only ran for half a season and will not return until the fall.  Some shows will not be returning at all.

However there is one bright spot to come out of the strike.  NBC will begin airing episodes of the USA Network's series Monk and Psych on Sundays starting at 8:00 p.m.

I'm a huge fan of Monk I've watched every episode.  Tony Shaloub's performance of the title character is absolutely perfect, both tragic and Hilarious.  You as a viewer really feel for Monk and the people around him, and still you can't help but laugh at how he reacts to the situations that he finds himself in and his surroundings, like when he has to solve a murder in a junk yard or when he shook hands with a leper.  The ensemble cast works perfect together, all of the supporting characters are beautifully performed by terrific actors.

I have to admit I was a late comer to the series.  I didn't start watching until halfway through the third season when Traylor Howard joined the show playing Mr. Monk's new assistant (I've kind of had a crush on her since '96 when she was on Boston Common).  Even though I was a Johny come lately to the wonder that is Monk, I was hooked from the first episode that I watched.  Recently the show has been picked up for a seventh season and I'm happy that I get to keep watching the continued adventures of my favorite detective.

Here's a network description of the show.
"NBC. Tony Shalhoub ("Big Night," "Wings," "Men in Black," "Cars") has earned three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and two SAG Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Monk's psychological disorder costs him his position as a legendary homicide detective on the San Francisco Police force. Due to the tragic unsolved murder of his wife, Monk has developed an abnormal fear of germs, heights, crowds and virtually everything else, which provides an unusual challenge to solving crimes ... not to mention his day-to-day existence."

Yesterday I got a chance to talk to the star of the series, Tony Shaloub about the show.  I don't think I was as nervous as when I interviewed Jay Leno.  Check out the video of the interview on this page or in the local entertainment flash player.