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Welcome to the Morning Music Mix Blog

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Hey everybody, 

A big thanks to everyone who has called or written in saying that they like the music we play on the morning show here at KHQ.  I have to say it is definitely one of the best parts of my job. A lot of people have been asking lately about a specific song title or who sang a song.  Well I can't always remember off-the-cuff so I thought from time to time I could post some of the titles I play.  Some are regulars on the show and pretty common songs, other are just songs I find and are maybe a bit obscure but fit my mood that day.  I also like to have fun with the anchors.  Dave and Sean are absolute kings of music trivia, so finding a song they don't know inside and out has proven difficult but a fun game to play even if I'm the only one who knows I'm playing it back here in the booth.  Shelly, well, you've seen her on the show and that's pretty true to the way she always is.  Any song with a good beat she can dance to is one she will, well, dance to.  And George, he's my favorite, he has great taste in music.  It's stuff you just don't hear very often and it's very eclectic.  He'll ask for a song from Miles Davis, spoken word by Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Dr Hook, Bing Crosby, and just about everything and anything else. 

So from time to time here I'll post the songs I play and maybe a bit about them or why I played them.

Signing off,

Billy The Audio Guy

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