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By Garden Expert Bob Mauk from Northwest Seed & Pet

Why Should I Consider Container Gardening?

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Why should I consider container gardening?
People grow vegetables in containers for a variety of reasons:
Some have no room for a traditional garden; others are faced with extremely poor soil; elderly and handicapped gardeners ma choose container gardens for  their ease of access; while others may grow vegetables in container because they can be very ornamental in nature.  Of course one of the best things is that you can have a container garden almost anywhere.

How large of a container do you need to grow vegetables?The larger, and the especially the deeper the container the better.
An eight inch depth is probably the minimum and a pot that is 1 to 2 feet in depth is better.

What kind of soil should you use?
A good quality potting soil that is light  and airy works best. Never use soil straight from the ground, it will be too heavy and may contain harmful pests.

How often should I water my containers?
Frequently, containers tend to dry out quickly especially in full sunlight.
Poke your finger into the soil an inch or so, if it feels dry, water the pot thoroughly.
During hot dry weather plants may need to be watered everyday and some may need it twice a day.

How should I fertilize container grown plants?
Because containers need to be watered so frequently many of the nutrients get washed from the soil before the plants can use them. Fertilizing with a water soluble fertilizer such as fish emulsion every two weeks works well or using a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote once a month, for those who like to tend to their plantings less often.