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Paparazzi, bodyguards, fight at Jolie-Pitt chateau in France

Courtesy: Clinton Foundation Courtesy: Clinton Foundation

PARIS (AP) - Security guards for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and two paparazzi are confirming a fight on or near the grounds of the couple's French chateau, but they're telling very different versions of events.

French police say the two photographers wore camouflage to slip onto the property. That's when the fighting started.

The head of security at the estate says 1 of the photographers went "berserk" without provocation.

The photographer says the two guards hit him with a walkie-talkie, punched and kicked him until he was "pouring blood." He also claims to have broken one guard's finger and bitten the other until he bled.

The photographers say they were not on the property but in the woods nearby. The security chief says they were on the property.

Police say both sides have filed legal complaints accusing the other of battery.

Jolie returned to the estate last weekend after giving birth to twins.

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