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Best of Barbecue

By Erika Lenkert
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Warm weather is the perfect excuse to take it outside--dinner, that is. And while we're sure you have some great standby grilling recipes in your back pocket, we've got a handful of tasty reasons to put your old routine on the back burner when you fire up the grill. From refreshing drinks to simply decadent desserts, here are some of our favorite grill and grill-friendly recipes.

Barbecue-Worthy Beverages
It's hot out there, so make sure to keep it cool! Quench your and your guests' thirst the sultry way-a pitcher of Sangria Tropicale. With sliced citrus and a hint of fizz, it's a perfect summertime sparkler. Or try a classic Brazilian Caipirinha, or a racy Raspberry-flavored cocktail.

The Greatest Grill Recipes
Barbecues are supposed to be relaxed--ideally for the guests and the host-so why not leave your grill menu to the experts? You're one click away from the secret to great.

Bobby Flay's Grilled Spice-Rubbed Shrimp Nicoise Salad, Smoked Chili-Rubbed Lamb Chops by NYC's Hill Country Barbecue chef Elizabeth Karmel, a killer "Steak From Hell" recipe from The Barbecue Bible author Stephen Raichlen, and Mini Lamb Burgers from Napa Valley's BarbBersQ.

Divine Desserts
Grilled dessert? You betcha. Putting fruit on a hot grill caramelizes it, making it sweeter, richer, and more decadent. Pineapple is a favorite to fire up, and drizzle it with a mixture of melted butter, sugar, and rum you can kick it up a notch.

But you can easily give your grill master a break and offer a fantastic fresh fruit dessert, such as Grand Marnier-Marinated Strawberries or Pears in Red Wine.