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Two New Studies Strengthen the Link between Diet and Diabetes

The link between diet and diabetes has been a research topic for decades. Two new studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on July 28th, further explore this relationship.

The first study looks at the impact of drinking soft and fruit drinks on diabetes among African American women.

Researchers found women who drank two or more soft drinks a day had a 24 percent increased risk for the disease.  Those who had two or more fruit drinks had a 31 percent increase.

This link decreased when researchers took into account a woman's weight -- but only for soft drinks -- not for fruit drinks.

A second study shows adults who eat high amounts of fruit and vegetables have a over 60 percent lower risk for the disease.

The researchers measured blood levels of vitamin "c" to determine how many fruit and vegetables participants were eating.

  • Another study shows eating a low-fat diet may not reduce the risk of diabetes compared to a traditional diet... but researchers say weight loss in general may be able to reduce overall risk for the disease.
  • 43,960 women participated in the first study. The women who drank the two or more soft and/or fruit drinks a day were compared to those who drank less than one per month. Participants filled out diet questionnaires and were followed for six years.
  • 21,831 people participated in the second study. They did not have diabetes at the beginning of the study. Participants provided blood samples and filled out diet questionnaires.