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Cougars' Tardy Ready to Bounce Back from Injury

SPOKANE, Wash. - With any football team there are always questions in fall camp. For the Cougars, one of their biggest questions is the health of Dwight Tardy's left knee.   

It happened on Tardy's Final cutback in the game-clinching, 51-yard touchdown run against UCLA.

"I just wanted to make a great cut and my leg got tired and I stiff legged the cut and I just felt it break right there," said Tardy. A torn ACL ended his season after eight games and nearly drove him to quit football.

"I was depressed for a while, I didn't know.   At the tunnel, I can't see the light and I just everyday, I worked on it, worked on it, said Tardy, "I was at rock bottom and you only can go forward, you only can go up."

Nine and a half months later Tardy says the knee is 100 percent and he's not even wearing a brace.

Cougars head coach Paul Wulff spoke about the experience. "His attitude's been really good.   He's been tough.   Very little effects from his injury. It just shows how hard he's worked to get back, ready to go."

The Cougs quarterback Gary Rogers also had some great things to say. "He's running the ball really well for us.   He's the type of guy that, man, he's gonna put it in there and run somebody over.   When we need that one yard, he's going to get it for us.   That's great to have in a running back."

If the injury gave the junior anything it's perspective.

"I got a totally different outlook on the game.   Everyday it's a blessing just to be out here," says Tardy. "It's a blessing to be on the team and I'm going to come out here to give my best as a Coug everyday. 100-percent." Which is exactly what the Cougars are counting on.