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Reaves Review: Local Metal Band "Hinged"

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August 12, 2008

Heavy Metal in Spokane

A couple of months ago I posted an article about the local heavy metal band "Hinged" winning the Peak Showcase Battle of The Bands.  In that article I said that I was going to get an interview with the band and post it here on the entertainment page.  Well here it is.  I finally got a chance (after working around our schedules) to get an interview with the band.

That interview is attached to this article right here.  I talk to the band about playing the Peak Showcase, what's next, what this kind of music means to them and where they draw the inspiration for their music from.  The band also preformed their song "Eye" at the end of the interview. 

The band has some upcoming shows in September.  You can check out the band's MySpace page for future show dates.  You can also listen to some of the band's songs that are posted there.

I'd like to interview more local bands, so if you're in one or know someone who's in a band e-mail me at, and maybe you're band could be interviewed and preform on the KHQ Local Entertainment web page.

That's all for now.