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Vice President picks could be announced this week

WASHINGTON. - The race for the White House is about to kick into a higher gear. The first convention is a week away and we still don't know who will be number two on the party tickets.
There is a lot of talk and some movement on that subject.

For the moment though, the VP choices are closely guarded secrets.

One after another, they made the Sunday show circuit, what looked like tryouts for vice-president. Off the short-list, though, are Louisiana's GOP Governor Bobby Jindal.

Governor Bobby Jindal said "I don't want to be the vice-president. I am not going to be the nominee."

And ex-Senate Democrat Tom Daschle. But Daschle said stay tuned for news.

Former Senator Tom Daschle said "the convention starts a week from today, so my hope is that it will be this week."

Barack Obama and John McCain made a rare appearance together this weekend.

Evangelical pastor Rick Warren had them reflecting.

When asked what was his greatest moral failing, Sen. McCain said "my greatest moral failing and I have been very imperfect person, is the failure of my first marriage."

Sen. Obama said "there were times I experimented with drugs, I drank in my teenage years, and I trace that to a certain selfishness on my part."

McCain made his abortion stand clear.

Sen. McCain said "I have a 25 year pro-life record."

Raising more questions about whether he'd pick abortion rights supporter Tom Ridge.

Ridge said that issue's not a problem.

Former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge said "The last time I checked, the Vice-President is not an independent voice. He echoes the position of the President of the United States."

For the Democrats, it was Indiana's evan bayh, New Mexico's Bill Richardson and Virginia's Tim Kaine.

Obama will be in Virginia two days this week but Kaine was coy about whether their schedules would overlap.

Kaine said schedules are in flux. One person who did not appear on the shows was Hillary Clinton. She was campaigning for Obama in New Mexico and has not been officially ruled in or out of the VP running.