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McCain: Presidential race isn't over yet, Obama convenes foreign policy session

MANCHESTER, N.H. -  John McCain says some polls may show his opponent is ahead, but he says indicators show his campaign is "coming up."

McCain spoke this morning on the "Imus in the Morning" radio show. He admits he may be an underdog candidate, but says Barack Obama's lead appears to be within the margin of error.

Overall, the Arizona senator tells Imus he feels "very confident" and says his campaign is "doing fine." He says they'll continue working hard and "having fun." McCain says that goes for running mate Sarah Palin too.

He says, "We understand what a tough battle we have and she understands it better than anybody." McCain is campaigning today in New Hampshire, before heading to Ohio for two rallies with Palin. Next stops will include Florida, where Obama also is ahead in the polls.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has gathered together a panel of foreign policy and military luminaries in Virginia, to talk about what he describes as "urgent issues" facing the country from overseas.

Obama is hoping to push aside the renewed charge that he is too untested for the White House. John McCain and Sarah Palin have seized on comments from Joe Biden, who said Obama would face a "generated crisis" within months of taking office because adversaries would want to test him. Biden says Obama would do well when tested, because he's "got steel in his spine." But McCain says Biden's warning of a test shows the danger of electing Obama.  

Obama got a huge boost on the foreign policy front over the weekend when Colin Powell endorsed him.

Obama says he doesn't want the financial crisis to overshadow the many serious foreign policy problems the nation faces.

He's spending the week bouncing from one patch of Republican turf to another.