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Voters who haven't received ballots

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The following is an advisory from Spokane County Elections office:

Even though ballots were mailed by October 17, some voters didn't receive a ballot. The lack of delivery has nothing to do with the US Postal Service. 

The most common reason that a voter didn't receive a ballot is they moved and didn't tell us. When mail is returned to us as undeliverable, we send out a letter, called an "inactive letter," to the last known addresses. However, these letters usually don't do any good because the voter never receives the letter.

A further complication is that some voters without ballots still don't realize poll sites no longer exist. In just the past few days, a couple of voters who didn't receive their ballots said, "It's okay, I'll just go to my poll site on Tuesday." All Washington counties except Pierce and King are now vote-by-mail. If a voter hasn't received a ballot, they need to call the Elections Office at (509) 477-2320 immediately so we can send out a replacement ballot.