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Scuttlebutt: Infection could shorten Brady's career

by Mark J. Miller


Infection could shorten Brady's career
Patriots QB Tom Brady's left knee injury is a big problem, but the mild staph infection that came along afterward might prove to be more of a problem for the guy who is now basically girlfriend Gisele Bundchen's dogwalker. While the infection is bad because it keeps Brady from rehabbing, it also could mean a big buildup of scar tissue and lots of pain and stiffness for Brady over the long haul. (Boston Globe, Boston Herald)

Rooneys rushing to get Steeler deal done
The five Rooney brothers who own most of the Steelers are working like mad to get a deal done that would have four of the brothers selling their shares to the fifth brother, Dan Rooney, and his son, Art Rooney II. The hope is apparently to finish off the sale before year's end, which means everything needs to be in place slightly before Dec. 17 when team owners meet. The NFL finance committee needs to vet the deal before it goes before the whole group. The deal was supposedly close a few weeks ago but haggling between the brothers has continued. Too bad Dad isn't still around to settle these little mega-million-dollar spats. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Culpepper could make an extra million
Detroit apparently stuck a million-dollar incentive into Daunte Culpepper's contract that the team might be regretting. The possibility of the incentive supposedly kicks in when Culpepper has taken five percent of the team's snaps, something he's already close to doing. Then, he must throw six touchdown passes or up the Lions' average gain per rush over last year or improve the team's turnover margin or a few other things,  such as let fewer sacks happen than last year. But word is that the incentives may have been why Drew Stanton came in to finish off an offensive drive and throw a touchdown pass rather than letting Culpepper finish off the job himself. The Lions would apparently love to win a game or two and not have to pay out that dough. (ProFootballTalk)


Peavy screwing it up for Dempster, Wood
The Cubs are preoccupied with getting Padres ace Jake Peavy, a guy who has $64 million and four years left on his contract. The top priority was supposed to be re-signing Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood. The team has till the end of the day Thursday to get a deal done or open the doors to other suitors. And interested parties such as the Yankees and Braves are expected to knock the door down to get at Dempster, who the Cubs have offered $50 million for the next four years, an offer other teams are sure to beat and one that might make Dempster feel silly when he's standing next to Peavy in the dugout if the Cubs manage to get both pitchers. (Chicago Tribune)

Hoffman likely headed out of town
Padres closer Trevor Hoffman had a $4 million offer on the table from San Diego but the team reportedly took it off Monday. It's looking like the nation's financial meltdown has hit the Padres hard, which means the all-time saves leader who has spent 16 years with San Diego, may finish his career in Cleveland, Milwaukee, or St. Louis. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Uggla not going anywhere
Now that Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen have apparently been shipped to Washington from sunny Florida in exchange for second baseman Emilio Bonifacio and a couple of minor leaguers, word on the street was that the Marlins would be shipping current second baseman Dan Uggla out, but the team is denying such a thing and says it'll find a way to use both bats. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel,

Diamondbacks want Cards' Kennedy
With Orlando Hudson headed into free agency, the Diamondbacks have a big hole to fill at second base and apparently would like to fill it with 32-year-old Cardinal Adam Kennedy, but don't want to pay all of the $4 million owed to him next year. Well, the Cards don't want to spend that money, either, but definitely want to be rid of Kennedy, who has asked to be traded. Mark Loretta appears to be Arizona's backup choice if the Kennedy deal can't be done. (East Valley Tribune)


Bobcats want Clips' Camby?
Bobcats head coach Larry Brown is subtly asking his boss, Michael Jordan, to get on the stick and get him some better players. Word is that the Clippers are willing to give up Marcus Camby and the Bobcats would like to ditch Chris Kaman, but L.A. doesn't want Kaman or any other 'Cat so the team is apparently hoping to find a third team to get involved in a potential deal. (New York Post)

16 teams want McDyess
At least 16 teams want Antonio McDyess on their roster and that includes Denver, the one he was just traded to. Unfortunately for the Nuggets, McDyess doesn't have any interest in playing in the Mile High City and is likely to get released, opening up a free-for-all bidding war for him. Word on the street is that McDyess isn't planning on going anywhere else besides his former team, the Detroit Pistons, and the folks in Motor City appear to be banking on his return in 30 days as well. Still, the Celtics, Lakers, Cavaliers, Raptors, Suns, Rockets, and Hornets are all preparing to take runs at McDyess. (Boston Globe)

Thunder's Watson denying trade demand
Thunder point guard Earl Watson supposedly has demanded a trade, but he's saying he never did any such thing and certainly doesn't want to be moving houses during the holiday season. (Oklahoman)

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