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Scuttlebutt: Vince Young has attitude problem

Vince young scrambles for a first down during the Pro Bowl (Courtesy: US Navy) Vince young scrambles for a first down during the Pro Bowl (Courtesy: US Navy)

by Mark J. Miller


Titan QB Vince Young attitude affecting job?

Titans No. 2 QB Vince Young's knee is fine and his mental health is supposedly sound, but he's apparently got some serious attitude problems that are creating some awkwardness in the Titan offense. Former starter Young appears disinterested and detached during games when starter Kerry Collins and offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger are figuring out what to do next. No. 3 Chris Simms is earning points with the team for getting involved with these kinds of conversations while Young is continuing to demote himself by being Mr. Listless in these situations. (Tennessean)

Vick coming back with no dough

While Michael Vick, who has been memorialized as a dog-chew toy, is planning to return to the NFL next summer when he gets out of jail, one also hopes that he'll spend his money a little more wisely when he gets the chance. He filed a statement of financial affairs earlier this week and papers show that he blew through $17.7 million in two years on everything from nine cars (including his fiancée's $73,000 Land Rover, his mother-in-law's 2007 Cadillac Escalade, and his brother's 2007 Land Rover) and investment in five horses that he apparently has no idea how they're being fed or cared for. Oh, and Vick gave his mom a thousand bucks at some point as well. See, he's a nice fella after all. Meanwhile, Vick's dogs have got their own wine now: The Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection, which is raising some money for dog shelters. (The Smoking Gun, Mike Vick Dog Chew Toy, TMZ)


Yanks deal for Teixeira looking unlikely

Conventional wisdom had the Yanks opening up the wallet for both CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira this off-season but word is that the team has Teixeira way off to the side as far as priorities and would only go after him if they couldn't get any of the big-name pitchers on the market, such as Sabathia, Derek Lowe, and A.J. Burnett, to sign with them. The trade for Nick Swisher yesterday makes Tex more of a long shot for the Bronx Bombers as well. (New York Post)

Kerry Wood is a wanted man (but not in Chicago)

After seemingly a lifetime with the Cubs, Kerry Wood is suddenly a free man. When the North Sider picked up Kevin Gregg yesterday, it ended any need to bring back Wood. Rumor has it that the Mets, Rangers, Cars, or Brewers to close. He supposedly wants a deal for a couple of years but the Cubs would only go one year at a time with him. (Chicago Tribune)

Hoffman expecting Tigers to call

San Diego has officially told the man who has been with them for 16 years, Trevor Hoffman, to take a hike. And Hoffman is expecting the Tigers to be the first to call. He may be in a crowded market of closers. Seattle appears ready to trade J.J. Putz and the same is true with Baltimore and George Sherrill as well as Pittsburgh and Matt Capps. And of course Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes will be getting paid big dollars by some poor team this winter. The Tigers' budget seems to favor Hoffman. (Detroit Free Press)

Peavy to Atlanta deal appears dead

Padres GM Kevin Towers is now saying that talks with the Braves and Cubs got pretty far along for Jake Peavy but it doesn't appear that either one of them will be at the finish line. Word is that Towers may try to get the Yankees and Angels to come after Peavy and then play them off of each other. (San Diego Union-Tribune)


Marbury and Walsh talking buyout

Stephon Marbury was supposedly asked to come to Knick prez Donnie Walsh's office Thursday to talk about a contract buyout. Walsh would much rather trade Marbury and get some value instead of eating the millions owed to Marbury but other teams appear ready to wait for Marbury to get released rather than trade away talent for a potentially volatile presence. The Clippers, Heat, Spurs, and Celtics all apparently have some interest in bringing him on board. (New York Post)

Billups regretting re-signing with Pistons

Chauncey Billups is happy enough to be back in his hometown of Denver but he's saying now that there's no way he would have re-signed with the Pistons if he had known that he was going to get sent packing. He was planning to invest his dough in the Michigan area  and also left behind a ton of charity work he did in the Detroit area (he picked up the NBA's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award in 2008). Luckily, one of his charities, the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy, which helps prepare at-risk kids, is in Denver. (Detroit Free Press)

Gallinari injury all mental?

Knicks rookie Danilo Gallinari could be out for the season with his injured back, but a few who have seen the MRI results are saying there's no way the young Italian needs surgery and that it isn't really clear what the problem is. More MRIs are planned but some folks are thinking the whole thing is psychosomatic. Maybe he's allergic to rows of empty courtside seats? (New York Post)

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