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Questions to Ask

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When visiting with your health care professional, be prepared with a list of questions to ask.  Here are some questions you should be asking when having a check-up:

  • How can I improve my diet and exercise program?

  • What are some activities that will be best for me to stay fit?

  • How often should I have regular checkups?

  • What screening tests do I need right now and when should I have them done?

  • How do I do a monthly breast self-exam?

  • How do I prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

  • What contraceptive methods would be best for me?

When visiting your health care professional for specific reasons, there are important questions to remember to ask:

  • Whom should I call to find out the test results and when should I call?

  • Why do you recommend this test or treatment?

  • Are there any other treatments or options I could take?

  • Will my insurance pay for this test or treatment?
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