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Scuttlebutt: Favre could retire - again; Red Sox ready to offer Tex a whopper

by By Mark J. Miller

Red Sox ready to offer Tex a whopper
Rumor has it that Boston will make first baseman Mark Teixeira the largest offer in its history. But, of course, the Yankees could offer Tex Alex Rodriguez kind of cash, which would pose a problem for Boston. There is also a slight worry that the Mets, which just re-signed Carlos Delgado will get seriously in on the hunt. But the Red Sox, who claim not to be interested in Tex, are apparently ready to go after him in a big way. (Boston Globe)

Moose retirement means big bucks for Pettitte
The Yankees were hoping that they could entice 20-game winner Mike Mussina back for one more season with some big bucks and the vision of him being a starter in the new Yankee Stadium. But homebody Mussina apparently isn't interested and is planning to announce his retirement soon, which is good news for fellow free agent Andy Pettitte. The team is now likely to try and get him, a little piece of walking history for the team, to sign on for next year and take the mound in the new place. (New York Times)

Red Sox to enter battle for Burnett
Word on the street is that the Boston Red Sox are about to enter the battle for A.J. Burnett with both fists flying. GM Theo Epstein supposedly spoke with Burnett's agent yesterday on the phone and is now putting together a big, honkin' contract offer. The Yankees and Sox finally have something to fight about again. Epstein must figure this kind of consistency is good for America. (Boston Globe)


Favre could retire - again
The Jets' Thursday's 34-31 overtime win over the Pats was so thrilling, it may be all N.Y. QB Brett Favre needs to cap off the career. He claims to have thought about next year at all and doesn't even care about it right now, which puts the Jets in a bad spot when the off-season finally arrives. Do they need to find another QB? Or is Favre sticking around? It doesn't even sound if he'll be sure when the season ends. (New York Post)

Cards' RB James wants out
The Cardinals may be having a dream season and could end up as division winners for the first time since the '70s, but running back Edgerrin James apparently doesn't care. He's not being used as much as he wants to be used, particularly the part about being benched recently, so he's supposedly asked to be cut. The team, unsurprisingly, isn't interested in the idea. He'll likely get his way in the off-season but not now while the rival Lions and Bengals could still pick him up. (ProFootballTalk)

Jags' WR wants to fight Vikes' coach
Troy Williamson may have been the first-round pick of Minnesota back in 2005, but that doesn't mean he had to like head coach Brad Childress while he was there. And now that he's on the Jags, that dislike apparently hasn't gone away. The receiver is thinking he'd like to meet Childress at the 50-yard-line with his hands tied behind his back and work it all out with some head butts. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)


Cassell backing Marbury in battle with Knicks
Celtics guard Sam Cassell is apparently concerned about Stephon Marbury, a man he's known since Marbury was tenth grade and Cassell was playing in junior college. He's telling the Knicks to release the benched guard so he can go play elsewhere. "Why not?" says Cassell. And the Knicks can probably give him 21 million reasons why not. (New York Post)

Nets' Jianlian could be out with bad neck
Nets forward Yi Jianlian apparently strained his neck in practice yesterday and might not be able to play against Toronto. It is likely that he just wanted to make it so that every power forward on the Nets was hurt somehow or perhaps just wanted to sit out a game or two after his pitiful performance in the Nets' total meltdown against LeBron and company, swallowing a 48-39 lead with 3:57 left in the half. (New York Post)

Hughes unhappy in Windy City
The guard glut in Chicago is starting to get to Larry Hughes, who isn't interested in playing just 15-20 minutes a night anymore. Problem is that he's got No. 1 pick Derrick Rose, the team's leading scorer Ben Gordon, and Kirk Hinrich, who happens to kick some serious buttock as an outside defender ahead of him in line. So what's Hughes going to do? Work on his complaining to the media. (And he seems to be doing this very effectively already, thanks.) (Chicago Tribune)

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