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Giants kicker wants Bush to pardon his brother


New York Giants kicker and NFC championship game hero Lawrence Tynes wants President Bush to pardon his brother Mark, who is serving a 27-year prison term for drug trafficking, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

Tynes believes his brother did the crime but that the sentence was too harsh.

"The situation that Mark found himself in was partly due to his own mistakes," says Tynes' lawyer Robert Ortiz. "We have to make sure that what we submit is accurate and explains Mark's position and why we believe the sentence is excessive."

Two things appear to be in Mark Tynes' favor. Ortiz is finance chairman for the New Jersey Republican State Committee and donated $2,000 to Bush's reelection campaign in 2004.

And Bush singled out Tynes when the president feted the Giants at the White House, saying "Lawrence Tynes, who's with us here, came through with a 47-yard field goal in overtime (to beat the Packers). You know, I knew you were going to make it."

A pardon from Bush is Tynes' last chance, since the 31-year-old's lawyers have exhausted all of their appeals, the Daily News said.

However, "this President has virtually ignored this power. He's by far the stingiest pardoner," Capital University Law school professor Dan Kobil told the Daily News.

Another problem for Mark Tynes is that he had a prior drug felony charge before being convicted in 2004 of running an operation that moved 3,600 pounds of marijuana between Texas and Florida.

He also refused to cooperate with the prosecution, and his sentence was extended from 151 months to 324 months, the Daily News said. Tynes is scheduled to be release in November 2026.

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