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Welcome to the music blog

Hey everybody,  I wanted to get my first music blog in and out of the way.  It's such a hectic time of year so I'll keep this short and sweet.  We all really enjoyed your participation today on the live chat.  I received my first few music requests and got to play Some SRV during the birthday segment.   Stevie Ray is one of my faves.  Remember, anyone can request a song and I will do my best to get it on the air.

    One last thing I'll mention about today, then I'm off to the less exiting part of my job here at the big Q6.  Today I played the theme to Unsolved Mysteries.  A few people asked about that.  I have it on a CD Titled "Cable Ready"  It's a compilation of theme songs from the 90s or 90s-ish.  For the TV-lovers and or music buffs, I really recommend it.  It's fun to pull out with friends when you're bored or, like my wife and I, on long road trips.  Take turns guessing the show, it's much harder than it seems. 

   And speaking of road trips (do I need to use segues on the web) I'll be gone next week so just as we get this web business up and running I run off.   So no song requests will get to me until after Christmas.   Thank you all for your participation,  It really does make my already fun job even better.  Keep up the chat, give the Anchors a hard time for me (especially George) and have a wonderful Holiday Season.