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Summer song suggestions

 Hey everybody, I hope everyone had a good set of holidays this year.  A big thanks to Blake is in order for filling in for me and keeping the audio booth up and running in the morning while I was gone.  Now that I'm back and ready to work I wouldn't mind some nice warm weather to come to work in. 

  So, I pose the question to you, dear viewer; what songs can I play that make you think of the Summer?  Oh sure, there are the standard Summer songs like "Summertime", "LaBamba", any Beach Boys song and so on and so Forth.  What I'm looking for are the songs that you listen to on your way to the beach, or around the campfire, or sitting by the cooler on the dock. 

  My wife and I hade this talk last night and we came up with a pretty specific song/place list.  Any CCR song is good for the campfire but some songs like "Lodi" were best after dark. "Ramblin' Man" is good when you're well into a road trip but not too early on in the drive. The point being we had fun giving songs specific places and times in Summer that we were nostalgic about.  Now, I'd like to hear from all the folks who have songs they associate with Summer.  They don't have to be about Summer, they just make you think about it.  Send those songs to me via the request tab and I'll get them on as the Winter moves on.  We only have a few months to go...I think we can make it!

    Billy J.