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New ways to find new music

I received a nice e-mail from a viewer the other day.   He was asking about the music we play in the morning and had mentioned he loved discovering "new" music.   I started thinking about what a great time it is to be a music lover and all the sources we have at our disposal to find it.   

  Two new avenues I've been playing with are "apps" for my iPhone.   Pandora and OurStage are free apps for download onto an iPhone and they can also be used via a home PC.   You don't get to choose your selection as freely as with an iPod or CD but you can pick an Artist or Genre and then the program selects music based on that selection.  You can skip songs and give them each a rating so it knows which way to go picking the next song.  

  Pandora has more mainstream artists that you would find on the radio but OurStage has lesser-known artists of the more "indie" variety but a great selection of genres.   I love good old Southern Rock but it can be hard to find new stuff not played to death on the radio but good ol' OurStage has a great selection of stuff I have never heard (and some great remakes of classics as well).  Bluegrass, Ska, Traditional Country, Delta Blues, Phsycobilly, Rock n' Roll Roots, etc are all sub-categories you can choose. 

  Between the two apps I get to the playlists on my iPod less and less. I would definitely think about downloading these if you have a compatible phone.   It is also worth checking out for use on your PC.