The main reason I started Action Dad was to be able to show some of the amazing things that dads do. I'm a father and like most dads, I would do anything for my kids. All you really want is for them to be safe and happy right?

Well, a dad from the UK is teaching his son to be proud of his scars and showing his support in a heartfelt way.

The day after his son's life-saving heart surgery, this supportive dad found himself in a tattoo parlor. He left with a three and a half inch tattoo on his chest, matching his son's scar.

He says it is to show his son Joey that he can be proud of his scars, especially after his eight hour procedure was a success.

The dad also had his son's heartbeat etched to the right of the scar, right over his own heart.

This is a growing trend that I'm seeing, whether it's shaving off their own hair after their kids go through chemo, or wearing glasses when their child starts to need them, parents showing their support and love and trying to make these life altering moments a little less lonely. I think it's awesome!