Victor has become quite the storybook connoisseur.  He loves when I read to him while we're nursing and will coo along with me.  We've already read "Charlotte's Web" and are starting the "Dexter in the Dark" (yes, I know it's a murder mystery...but at this age, reading ANYTHING to your children is beneficial - even murder mysteries).   Sometimes he'll talk with his mouth full when I'm mid-sentence.  I wonder what's going on in that little head of his...

Victor is a big WSU Cougar football fan, and his Auntie Kelly brought him a storybook called "Hello, Butch!"  It's a story about everyone on campus in Pullman saying "Hello" to Butch T. Cougar (the mascot).  Victor laughs and laughs at the story - and is just enamored with the pictures!  I think he enjoys the bright colors of football fields & jerseys.  Billy and I aren't big sports fans, but Victor just LOVES when we watch Cougar football games - win or lose, the colors are fantastic!

Victor also likes "George and Martha".  These were some of my favorite storybooks when I was little.   I love to do different voices for George and for Martha (two hippos who have amazing hobbies), especially for Martha when George asks to read her diary...the curt "NO" almost makes me laugh when I'm reading it.  It makes Victor laugh.  He squeals when Martha scares George in the tunnel of love and I shriek, "Have mercy!"  As you can probably guess, we have a great time reading together. 

Billy and Vic like to read together too.  Victor just blabbed away while his dad read the sports page to him.  Like I said earlier, Billy and I aren't really big sports fans - but since it seems Victor is, we're taking the time to read the sports page to him.  On Sunday, we read the article about Paul Wulff's plan for Cougar Football team.  Victor just loved it.  He even laughed at this year's statistics. 

We know that most of these likes and dislikes are projections from Billy and I, but it's more fun for now to pretend.  Granted, he'd probably laugh and smile if we were reading the stock listings.  The time we spend with him reading is fun and cuddly, and Billy & I find ourselves smiling at each other more while we read, too.  They're really is a bonding experience!

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