Central Valley teachers approve contract with pay raises

SPOKANE, Wash. - Central Valley School District will join Spokane Public Schools in opening instruction for the 2020-21 school year through virtual learning. 

"While our goal was to open our school buildings for in-person learning, we now know that given current conditions with COVID-19, virtual learning will be necessary to protect the health of our students, families, teachers, staff and community," the district said in an announcement on Monday, August 3.

The news came following new guidance from the Spokane Regional Health District

The district has designed three virtual learning options for students with a preference to remain in virtual learning or return to in-person learning when available. Families will need to choose their preferred plan by August 21. Those plans are:

  • The first option is school-paced virtual learning with a preference to transition to in-person when schools are able to re-open. It will be led by CVSD teachers and allow students to have an easier transition to in-person learning when it becomes available.
  • Another option is school-paced virtual learning with a preference to stay virtual for the full school year, which allows students to keep the same teachers throughout the year.
  • Self-paced virtual learning will also be available for families. This option allows students to work at their own pace to complete assignments over the course of the school year, guided by CVSD teachers.

The district has also planned for an in-person model at every grade level as soon as the county meets the criteria for opening schools. 

“We’re ready to provide high-quality education that meets families and students where they are – and we’re prepared to adapt as conditions change,” said Ben Small, Superintendent for CVSD. “Our goal is to provide an individualized approach with tailored instruction from our highly qualified teachers.”

As for students with special needs, the district has three options for parents to choose from as well. These plans are separate from the district-wide plans. 

  • On-site service delivery – for students who cannot access remote learning 
  • Hybrid Service Delivery – for students who can access remote learning 
  • Remote Service Delivery – for students who - for any reason - will not be accessing in-person service delivery 

The district also said it plans to reach out to each parent or guardian of each special needs student to discuss which model best meets their needs and develop and implementation plan. 

CVSD will be hosting a series of webinars in August to share more details about the plans and answer questions. 

“I’d like to thank you all for your partnership as we navigate these challenging times. We’re excited to welcome students back to school virtually on September 9,” said Small. “We’re ready to move forward, together.”