School is back in session for many schools in the Inland Northwest.
Spokane Public School's first day back was Monday and they started fully online.
KHQ spoke to teachers at Adams Elementary who said they learning through a screen may not be everyone's first option, but they are excited to be teaching again.
"Regardless of the circumstance, it is going to be a great year," said Katie Leyde, Kindergarten teacher at Adam's Elementary.
Teachers spent the first part of their day explaining to their students their new tools, the mute and unmute button.
Leyde also did exercises and dances with her students virtually, to keep her kindergarteners engaged.
Not only does this keep them engaged, but it helps build their relationship, which Leyde says is key:
"I really believe that students won't learn from you if they don't like you, so my goal is to create those relationships where they know they matter and that I love them," said Leyde.
Just a few classrooms away from Leyde, Allie Campbell, a fifth grader teacher at Adam's is building a relationship with her students by virtually fist bumping them.
"If we can build that relationship with our students from the very beginning, even virtually, they haven't had that contact with a teacher, so I think they are very receptive to I'll take it any way I can get it," said Campbell. 
Campbell said that her students seemed ready to be back and learning again.
"They are so excited to be back and see their friends, even if it's virtually," said Campbell.
Campbell said that the way that people talk about online schooling around children is affecting them.
"I've heard a lot of people say, this is horrible that the kids have to learn online," said Campbell.  "That's going to reflect on the child and their learning experience, so changing it to, you get to learn online and see your friends virtually, will make a huge difference."
Campbell had a message to students out there adjusting to this new way of schooling:
"You're going to get frustrated; you might even cry a little, but remember, your teacher is there for you," said Campbell.