Buckle In, Major Road Construction On I-90 In North Idaho To Last Until September

Buckle In, Major Road Construction On I-90 In North Idaho To Last Until September

Here we go again.

With bridgework already in full swing on Interstate 90 at both Huetter and Atlas Road, that project is expected to end in early July.

“Then you might think we're out of the woods yet, but we're not,” Megan Sausser, the public information officer for the Idaho Transportation Department said.

When one project ends, another begins.

Sausser says crews will start re-surfacing I-90 in late July starting at State Line and going all the way to the Northwest Boulevard exit in Coeur d’Alene.

The second project is aimed at fixing all the rudding you may see.

“If you've driven them lately you've noticed them and we're well aware and we're working to fix it,” Sausser said, "this is something we do about every seven years in our program."

There’s one caveat, Sausser says the re-surfacing work will be done at night.

But, the orange barrel derby that will be I-90 will still hold strong all while U.S. 95 will get some much needed traffic TLC.

“To get that uniform spacing that's really going to help with traffic flow, we're going to take away some signals and add some new signals,” Sausser said.

Crews will remove traffic lights at Canfield and Bosanko Avenue’s, but they will add new lights at Miles and Wilbur Avenue’s, Sausser said.

“It's all to really achieve better mobility and traffic flow,” she said.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, why the need for all of this at once?

”Ultimately it's kind of the band-aid we got to pull off, we've got to get it done and it will make it better once it's all over."

“For this area as we're growing, it's better to see us than to not see us, we're going to try to keep up with this growth and part of that is by optimizing what we have,” Sausser said.

The re-surfacing will last until September while the Highway 95 project will last until next year.

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