MISSOULA, Mont. -- After waiting more than 45 years for answers, the family of a Missoula cold case victim says there is a huge development in her case. We're expecting an announcement from Missoula law enforcement Monday. 
Five-year-old Siobhan McGuinness was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered back in February of 1974. 

Siobhan's father says his little girl was walking home from a neighborhood friend's home. He said it couldn't have been more than three blocks, but that's all it took for her killer to find her. Siobhan's body was found in the following days in the area of Turah, just east of town. 

Steven says in the days following the horrific discovery, it seemed everyone was a suspect. Reporter Hayley Guenthner featured the case titled, 'The Last Block' in her cold case series back in May of 2019. Steven told Hayley then he long suspected whoever did this was not someone they knew, or even someone local. His intuition turned out to be spot on.
The authorities did have DNA. Steven says because of that, he has held onto some hope for more than four decades.
"I was rather amazed this has happened, but not totally surprised knowing that DNA is an amazing thing," he said. "Knowing there was enough to make the match, that's what really amazed me."
"Those original detectives are why," said Siobhan's half-sister, Oona McGuinness. "Back when this happened, nobody could have ever imagined that DNA would be a thing and a way of solving crimes. Yet this evidence was saved for all these years and uncontaminated. That's what makes this case extremely rare."
Oona was robbed of ever getting to meet her sister Siobhan. She has worked hard for years fighting to push this case forward. She says it's hard to even express her gratitude for the many agencies who worked together to solve this case.
"I am absolutely amazed," she said. "We're her family. We care deeply of course, but something this aged, 47 years, asking people to care this deeply after this long...and they do. It's been so close to so many hearts."

Missoula Police say they finally have an answer to this case after periodically following leads, conducting interviews, and reviewing evidence over the years. Information will be provided at an 11 AM press conference Monday. The press conference will be streamed online on this website.