SPOKANE, Wash. -- June will mark 36 years since 30-year-old Debbi Finnern was found murdered east of downtown Spokane. Her autopsy report states she was stabbed at least eight times. Defensive wounds all over her hands and wrists showed investigators Debbi had fought for her life.

Debbi had only recently moved to Spokane from Omaha when she was killed. It's still baffling to her brother that she wound up in a community where she had absolutely no ties. 

"Over the years, I've thought about it a lot," her brother Steve said. "I thought maybe she traveled to that area with a group of friends. She didn't seem to me like the type who would uproot on her own. She didn't have a lot of money or at that time, I don't think she had a car.​"

Steve was roughly three years behind Debbi. He always looked up to his big sister. He said she had a kind heart and was always looking out for others, including him.

"My memories of her growing up are she was real happy, really intelligent," he said. "She was funny."