Billboard for Murdered LC Valley Women

LEWISTON, Idaho - It's been more than 40 years since 22-year-old University of Idaho student Kristin "Kris" David went missing after she left Moscow for the LC Valley on her blue 10-speed bicycle.

Police believe Kristin got abducted somewhere along that ride. Her dismembered remains were found in garbage bags in the Snake River just west of Clarkston on July 4, 1981.

"I think that's what happened, maybe she was resting or checking her bike," her sister Anne Mackey said. "She had to have been taken against her will."

Witnesses reported seeing a man in a brown van approach Kristin near Genesee. They described him as standing about five-foot, 10-inches with a husky build and a beard. He was said to be in his 30s driving a van that appeared to be "well-kept" with yellow license plates and dark lettering.

"Kristin's bicycle, clothing and other personal items were never recovered," Lewiston Police Captain Jeff Klone said.

Police and the FBI held a joint press conference in June as the case hit a grim anniversary. Along with Anne, officers urged the public to come forward to help Kristin's many loved ones get some answers.

Kristin's family has held onto hope that one day they might see her killer held accountable. The way she was killed is a secret kept only by law enforcement and her murder. They believe whoever did this was prepared with a way to lure Kristin to him.

"I think maybe this was someone she thought she could trust," Anne said. "I don't know what that means really, but I think it had to be someone may she didn't know but felt they were an occupation she could trust. I'm not saying the (the killer) was really that occupation, but maybe dressed up to look like that occupation."

Kristin was tiny, not even five feet tall. She was very physically fit and had done the ride from the Palouse to the valley before. She grew up in a large family and had an incredibly bright future.

"I describe her as eclectic and brilliant," Anne said. "She was just like a rare diamond."

Kristin was a double major in political science and journalism. Her family said the reason why she didn't graduate with her other friends is that she had two majors and a minor in French. She had just one semester left.

Anne said she spoke to her sister the day before she took the bicycle trip. Kristin loved the bike and the independence it gave her. She was an incredibly hard worker.

"She worked two jobs," Anne said. "She worked at the Capricorn and the Circle K, the one right when you enter Moscow."

Anne said she was grateful for the press conference discussing her sister's case and the pleas from law enforcement for tips. At the press conference, she had support from another family who knows her grief all too well.

Gloria Bobertz lost her cousin in a homicide in the same community just shortly after Kristin David was murdered. Gloria says even though the media event wasn't about her loved one, she wouldn't have missed being there for Anne.

"I wanted to support Anne," Gloria said. "That was a huge, emotional thing for her to do. She was very close to her sister. This was a violent death, one of the most of all the victims. I just wanted to support her."

When she said "all of the victims," she's referring to the multiple unsolved murders and missing persons cases from the LC Valley in the late 70s and early 80s.

Gloria's cousin, Kristina Nelson, and her step-sister, Jacqueline "Brandy" Miller, vanished in September 1982, A man Kristina had worked with at the Lewiston Civic Theatre, Steven Pearsall, also disappeared that night. Gloria says police have long suspected they were all murdered by the same suspect.

Months later, Kristina and Brandy's remains were located just outside of Kendrick by a man that was collecting cans.

“He was chasing his hat down the hill… and he just happened upon the bodies," Gloria said. "Had he not been doing that, we would have never found them. It’s such a vast area. You can just get swallowed up.”

Few leads came from the discovery of their remains, and years later, the family still has far more questions than answers.

"Brandy, they believe she was strangled because of a (broken neck bone)," she said. "The cause of death of Kristina remains unknown. I've asked for more, anything, but they don't have answers to give."

Steven Pearsall's remains have never been recovered. Police believe that he was just collateral damage, that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Before their disappearance and Kristin David's murder, another young girl from the area also vanished. Christina White was Just 12-years-old when she was last seen on her bicycle. Reports indicate she was supposed to be heading home, but she was never seen again.

The FBI did touch on the other, unsolved cases during the media briefing on Kristin David's case. Agents say Kristin's case may be associated with several other high-profile murders and missing persons cases in the area. While they aren't ruling out the connection, they said they're choosing to investigate the case separately.

Both Gloria and Anne say while they have gone back and forth with their beliefs over whether the same killer was involved, they currently think there was more than one cold-blooded killer in the LC Valley.

"I did for the longest time (think they were all connected)," Anne said. "But my mother never has, and I don't think my dad has either. The more I look at things and digest them, I don't, I don't know. The (other victims) weren't dismembered."

Christina White's body has never been found, and neither Kristina and Brandy were dismembered.

Both Gloria and Anne say they believe someone knows something that could solve these cases. They are urging anyone who can help to please come forward.

If you know anything about Kristin David's 1981 murder, please call 1 (800) CALL-FBI. If you know anything about what happened to Christina White in 1979 in Asotin, or if you have information about Kristina, Brandy or Steven's cases, please call (509) 243-4717.